“We are a small gathering of Christians seeking to follow Christ in community together.”


Some call what we are doing “Church Planting,” but we like to think of it as “Establishing a faithful local church.” The former feels short sighted, the latter is done so with a vision that spans generations. This is why a small group of us are gathering together in New Bedford. We are praying to God for the establishment of His church, in New Bedford as it is in heaven. Our desire is that the Lord would establish for himself a gospel-exalting church for the purposes of Him being glorified in the city, for the city to hear of the hope that is available by being in fellowship with Christ, and to be a faithful church that is obedient to the scriptures. We are a small gathering of Christians seeking to follow Christ in community together. We are currently making renovations to an older church building in the heart of New Bedford, as well as gathering together weekly in one another’s homes for bible study, prayer, and spiritual encouragement. Lord willing we will begin holding public Sunday morning worship services in April 2020.

If you have interest in joining us and are within reasonable driving range of New Bedford, and are not currently a member of a gospel-centered church, we would invite you to email us and we will respond back to you shortly.




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New Bedford’s


New Bedford has a rich gospel heritage. As the Puritans boats arrived on shore, the gospel they espoused did as well…