The thought has crossed my mind

The good new is that the Lord is answering our prayers and adding to our little brigade of believers in New Bedford. We are growing slowly, which is just the right speed. Also, we are increasingly having conversations with people who express interest in what the Lord is doing among us, and perhaps even secretly desiring they could join us.

Let me just lay my cards on the table… I don’t think that is a bad desire. In fact, if you have had that “secret” desire, I would like to pose two questions for you to consider. The first question is apart from being settled, comfortable, and established where you are (which are gifts from the Lord), what good Gospel reasons do you have for staying and not joining us? Could you get a job in New Bedford? Can you find an apartment here? Could the gym here become your new favorite gym, or Clasky Park become your kids new favorite park? You get what I’m saying. I am confident that God can use you where you are. I am also confident that he can use you in a very unique and specific way here in New Bedford. Leaving the familiar for a Gospel endeavor is a hard decision, but it’s also a very compelling reason to come with us. If the thought has crossed your mind, I want to ask you to pray a bold prayer for the next several weeks and that is “Lord, would you have me/us go, and join the work in New Bedford?”

The second question, after the Lord has settled your heart and mind on the first question, is “where will you live?” I recently heard this piece titled “Living Close to Your Church,” from Mark Dever, which talks about this very thing. Not that everyone should live within walking distance of the church building like my family does, but when you do, it does help create a unique ministry and changes the neighborhood in profound ways. I am praying that as the Lord may lead you to join us in the work of establishing a new faithful church in the city of New Bedford, and that he will also lead you to buy a house near the place we gather and in the neighborhood we gather in.