19 things to pray for Grace Harbor Church in 2019

Want to pray for Grace Harbor Church in 2019? Here are 19 specific things to pray for (in no particular order).

1. Unity - That God would establish unity among the our core group.

2. Faithfulness - That as a core group we would be faithful to love God and our neighbors as ourselves in all we do.

3. Patience - That we would be patient and content with which God is establishing things and with slow spiritual fruit.

4. Joy - That we would have a deep-seeded awareness of the goodness of God to us despite our circumstances.

5. Love - That our core group would grow in love for one another and develop a spiritual burden for the city.

6. Witness - That out of that love, we would be compelled to share the Gospel and have opportunities to do so.

7. Salvation - That we might see the very first person place their faith in Jesus Christ.

8. Protection - That the Lord would protect us and the work he is establishing for his glory, from the enemy.

9. Adjustments - For those who have geographically moved to area to be part of this work, that they would be able to settle and call this home, and that grieving what was left behind would become less and less.

10. The Calendar's - They are another family who is moving up to join the core team. Luke will come on staff as a full-time associate minister. Please pray for him to be able to finish out support raising, and make the move up smoothly.

11. Numerical Growth - We are asking the Lord to grow our core group to 40 adults this year. Please pray that the Lord would call people from New Bedford, Providence, and even more from Texas, to be part of this new work.

12. A Spanish Speaker - New Bedford has an enormous Spanish speaking population. Currently there is no one on our team that speaks Spanish fluently. Please pray that God would bring some.

13. An Admin - If you know Morgan, you know administration is not in his gifting. We are praying that God would bring someone to the team to help out in this role.

14. Connections - That we would make great connections in the city, with neighbors, and the people God would use to partner together for the establishment of his church.

15. Finances - We need to raise $150,000 for the renovations of a building we were recently given. Please pray for the people, churches, or organizations that the Lord would have give for this purpose.

16. Partnering Churches - In addition to the above, we are also raising an operations budget to get the church up and running. The prayer here is for churches to financially partner with us as part of their missions budget for the establishment of an inner-city church.

17. Grants - We will be applying for several public and private grants this year to help us accomplish all the above. Pray for favor among grantors.

18. Mission Trips - We are confident that most of the labor on the building can be accomplished by having short-term mission trips come in and preform the work. Please pray for churches and organizations to send people.

19. The Unknown Prayer - We confess that we do not know all we need, but are fully confident that the Lord does. Please pray for His will to be done, in New Bedford as it is in Heaven.