“The birth of a new church, and the prayer that it will have a legacy that spans generations.”

 Believe it or not, at one time, all churches were new. Every church that is, had a “first Sunday.” They all began with a few faithful saints who covenanted together, sacrificed together, and who pursued the Lord together for the spiritual good of themselves and their neighbor. Well this is what is happening in New Bedford once again among a small group of people.

Several of us are uniting together, working together, and gathering together for the establishment of local church in the city. We are currently meeting weekly in one another’s homes and seeing God add to our numbers. It is our tentative plan, Lord willing, to begin holding public worship services on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020.

If you have interest in what we are doing and might like to explore being a part of it, we would love to know. Please take a minute to send us an email, to sign up for our Newsletter, and to begin praying how God would lead you.

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