“A new church requires a lot of resources but does not have the members to immediately meet the financial costs. This is why outside churches, businesses, and individuals have given to help new churches get established.”

We are establishing a faithful church in the city of New Bedford, MA because the opportunities for a Gospel-witness abound. We believe that the amount of work that it will take is incomparable to what a faithful church could see in this city thirty, or forty years from now. We believe that God loves the people of New Bedford and desires spiritual good for them.

However, establishing a new church obviously requires a lot of resources. From office supplies, to kids’ books in classrooms, to the heating bill…the list feels never ending. Our pastors have raised their own salaries in order to not be a financial burden to the church in its infancy years. What this means is that every dollar we now raise goes directly to our operations budget, which means everything goes to doing ministry.

We would like to ask you to consider financially partnering with us by giving on a regular basis to help Grace Harbor Church become established and exalt the Gospel in the city of New Bedford. If you have specific questions about what this would look like, please send us an email at