“There is work to be done. Why not consider joining us?”

At what hour does the candle burn brightest? The darkest hour. In recent years, there has been lots of research done on the spiritual climate of New England. And the one thing that most all reports conclude is that “New England is a missional frontier in America, with no memory of its Christian heritage.” And it is for that reason, that the light of Jesus Christ lived out by Christians living their normal life in post-Christian New England radiates like a light from a light house. It is dark here, and the light of Christ in you can make a great difference here.

We would love to extend an invitation for you to come visit and see what God is doing here in New England. We have host families that you can stay with, and we can provide you with transportation. Come and spend several days on the ground in the city and encourage those who are laboring as you consider if the Lord would have you do the same.

Specifically, there are 4 different ways we would like to invite you to join us:

Members of the Church

The biggest need any new church has, is the need for faithful, mature Christians to be committed members of the church. Now that may sound overly simplistic, but it’s not. A faithful church needs faithful members. So what is the invitation here? The invitation is to come. To strengthen the church by becoming a good member of it. To geographically relocate your life for the gospel, and to live your normal life by getting a job, buying a house, raising your family, and living your normal life… with great missional intention. In many ways this role is the backbone of our ministry.

Gospel Workers

A gospel worker is a long term position for men and women. A gospel worker will specialize in a particular area: women’s worker, children’s worker, social worker, or pastoral assistant. Gospel workers serve as part of the church staff, aiming to be positive role models, faithful friends and evangelists in the city. During that time gospel workers will also be trained for urban ministry. We provide assistance in raising the financial support needed each year, as well as training, support and care while in New England.

A Ministry Internship

The Grace Harbor Ministry Internship combines training and practice. Our teaching focuses on three main aspects: (1) Biblical Character; (2) Practice; and (3) Teaching. Year One focuses on a contextualized Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology, and Historical Theology, and is taught in a loose classroom setting. Year Two is spent studying pastoral ministry, ecclesiology, and developing a vision for faithfulness and longevity and is taught in a roundtable discussion group setting.

In terms of practice, we have no specialists here. We run an “all hands on deck” ministry. What this means is that “yes, you will be doing that,” and sometimes at the same time that you are doing something else. Since what we are attempting to do is to “establish a faithful local church,” you can expect to do a fair amount of leading and serving. This is a very good opportunity to get some solid practical teaching as well as hands-on ministry experience in an urban context. It will be exceptionally challenging, but can be a very good experience. We run our Internships according to the academic schedule. All new interns will arrive in mid-August, and begin September 1.

a Short-term Intern

We have a number of short-term internships available to support our church ministry teams. Interns can serve for up to 12 months or as short as 7-9 weeks. We provide assistance in raising the finances needed as well as training, support, and care while in New England. Do you have a specialist skill set? Short term internships can be tailored to fit your areas of expertise.

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Please tell us about yourself. Where are you from? How did you become a Christian? What church are you a member of? What has led to your interest in New England, and ministry in an urban context? And anything else you want to share!
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